Poland’s Championships of Micromodels

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The rules of
Poland’s Championships of Micromodels – C Naviga class 2019

1. The convenor of Poland’s Championships of Micromodels
– The Mayor of Sandomierz
– Dragon Reductionist Modelers Association
– LOK board

2. The date and the place of Poland’s Championships of Micromodels
The date: 18-20.10.2019
The place: The Royal Castle, Sandomierz
Zamkowa Street 12, 27-600 Sandomierz

3. The purpose of Poland’s Championships of Micromodels
– Popularization of the reductionist model-making among children and teenagers
– Organization of the model-making exhibition as a cultural event for the locals
– Promotion of Sandomierz and the county

4. The programme of Poland’s Championships of Micromodels
18.10 (Friday) – 3 – 5 pm. – the registration of models for the Championship
19.10 (Saturday) – 9 am. – 1 pm. – the registration of models for the Championship
– 2 – 5 pm. – briefing of the referees and the assessment of models
– from 3.30 pm. –attractions for participants such as sightseeing, cruise on
the Vistula River, bonfire and many more.
20.10 (Sunday) – 8 am. – 1 pm. – going on an exhibition, the performance of the choir
– from 10 am. – musical performances: choir, vocalists
– from 1 pm. – Championship conclusion with the award ceremony

5. Classification and assessment of models
All models that are in the championship will be rated according to section C Naviga rules of procedure. You can download the rules of procedure in English from the championship official website – sdragon.pl/mpm (Rules C 2017 – język angielski).

5.1. Age groups
– Junior (up to 18 years old)
– Senior (18 and more)

5.2. Models allowed for the championship
It is allowed to exhibit C-1 to C-8 class models (for more information see the section C Naviga rules of procedure) that are built in 1:250 scale ale smaller.

6. Start-up fees
Every contestant is charged
– Junior – 10 zł
– Senior – 20 zł
for each model that he/she puts up.

7. Awards
– The certificate of participation
– The certificate and the medal compatible with the referee’s evaluation
– The best models will be awarded the prize
– There will be special prize awards e.g. for the best cardboard waterline models

8. General provisions

– In Polish Micromodels Championship there are allowed models which are made according to C class
– Polish Micromodels Championship is an open event which means that everyone can take part in the competition
– Every contestant can put up 3 models (up to 2 in each C class)
– Models are delivered and collected at contestant’s expense, models are not insured
– Referee’s evaluation is not negotiable and cannot be questioned
– Each model should have a tonnage certificate (to download from championship’s website)

9. Other events
During the Poland’s Championships of Micromodels there will be an exhibition of sailing ships (no scale restrictions). If somebody wants to put their models up they have to register first and pay the 10 zł fee. The best sailers will be awarded the Mayor of Sandomierz Town Award and other attractive award prizes.

10. Accommodation and food
The cost of accommodation and food is on the contestant of championship own. Sandomierz offers a variety of hotels and restaurants. More information soon at website.

11. Additional information are to be found on championship’s website – sdragon.pl/mpm